Leprechaun : The Rainbown Seal

The fearsome Fomorians, goat’s headed spooky monsters, have invaded the Donegal Forest in search of the famous gold pot of the Leprechaun who lives there. However, the Fomorians end up finding something totally different, a magical artifact that protects enchanted beings from the forest against evil beings: the Rainbow Seal.

Iris, the fairy responsible for artifact’s protection, was kidnapped and the artifact stolen. When they left the forest, the magical beings were exposed and the forest was invaded by hordes of evil beings coming from another dimension, like Goblins, Trolls, Cyclops and other monsters.

Lucky O’Gold and his sister Carrie decided to go on this adventure to find Iris and his friends and retrieve the Rainbow Seal from the hand of Fomorian King, releasing the forest beings from this terrible curse!


Key Features:

  • Style Platform
  • Free for all ages
  • Scenery based in forest, village, mountain and desert


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